Are there any precautions for installing bathroom clamps?

Update: 01-06-2020

With the improvement of people's living standards, it h […]

With the improvement of people's living standards, it has become a trend to assemble frameless glass doors in bathrooms. Correspondingly, engineering companies will also face some problems such as how to choose bathroom door accessories and how to better install bathroom accessories. The editor here briefly introduces that glass door accessories include door armrests, U-shaped grooves, bathroom clamps, etc.

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Yuyao Hongfu Stainless Steel Products Factory reminds you to pay attention to some issues during the installation process::

1. Check the actual situation of the bathroom, including the matching degree of the groove and the bathroom clip, and whether the position is accurate. Olidi manufacturers generally have strict control over the size specifications, so as to ensure the installation of bathroom doors, tight and tidy.

2. Before installation, you need to confirm whether the size or load-bearing of the door frame and the bathroom clip are consistent. In this regard, you can contact the manufacturer for consultation, and Olidi will provide private customized services in a timely manner.

3. The good materials selected for the bathroom clamp including stainless steel and brass are moisture-proof, but the quality of the gasket of the bathroom clamp is also very important. The high-quality gaskets produced by Olidi can absorb glass well and prevent the glass door from loosening and slipping.

4. During the installation process, keep the bathroom clamps at the same vertical position to ensure the stability and safety of future use. If the glass door is too large, it is recommended to install bathroom clamps.

5. It should also be confirmed whether the quality of the accessories for installing the bathroom clamps, including screws and fasteners, is matched.

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