Considerations for choosing a shower head

Update: 24-12-2019

When it comes time to choosing your shower head, here a […]

When it comes time to choosing your shower head, here are some things to consider so you have the one that’s right for you.


When you’re looking to buy your new showerhead, think about the basic kind of showerhead you want to install.

The fixed ones go right on your wall and are completely stationary.

Adjustable shower heads mount onto your wall too; but, they can change direction and move.

The shower heads that are handheld let you move your shower head anywhere you want.

Single versus Shower System
A single shower head is usually the least expensive and simplest option. If you want something basic, this is a great choice.A shower system will provide a mixture of adjustable shower heads and handheld ones.

Like the majority of hardware, showerheads come in a lot of different finishes such as pewter, brushed stainless, nickel, chrome and others. Having hardware finishes that match in the bathroom will provide you with a cohesive appearance in the room.


From rustic to contemporary and modern to traditional, there are a lot of styles that you can choose from when you are choosing your shower head.

Features and Options

A few of the features that shower heads have that people like are massage settings, multiple spray options, and rain showers.


The best way that you can narrow down the options for shower heads is to remember your budget and then tailor the other choices that you have based on your budget.