How to install a shower? The main function of the shower?

Update: 04-05-2019

For people in the shower area, after buying, be sure to […]

For people in the shower area, after buying, be sure to find a good brand, so that people can be more assured, the shower must be found a good way to install, so that you can do a good job. The following is how to install the shower, and the main function of the shower is also to master.

How to install a shower? The main function of the shower?

How to install a shower?

Step: design the water supply pipeline → → install the water supply pipeline → → set the power supply circuit → → pipeline flushing → → fixed bottom plate → → connect the power supply line → → water test, adjust → → use.

1, the power supply of the shower must be dry, and pay attention to safety, easy for people to press the place, pay attention to the distance of the power supply should be <50M, and each power supply should be independent, not parallel. 2. When the main power cable passes through the three-way junction box, the U-bend with a length of 4cm should be left. After peeling, connect the power cable with the red and black negative polarity to the random distribution. The joint is tightly wrapped with waterproof tape, and the power cable is waterproof. One end of the plug is pulled out for use. 3. When installing the shower, be sure to set the bottom plate. The outer edge of the bottom plate is marked in the fixed hole, then 4-6 holes are drilled. The hole depth is >29MM, and the bottom plate is fixed. When tapping the tiles, remember to stick the tape around the holes. This is to not damage the tiles and ensure that the holes are straight.

4, 25 cm above the bottom plate, the fixed seat is aligned according to the center of the outlet pipe, and then hit 2 Ф 6 holes, stuffed into the plastic 6 of the Ф6.

5. If the power supply is on the open line and the water is supplied at a constant temperature: install a φ16mm PVC wire tube under the three-way junction box. The length of the PVC wire tube is aligned with the upper edge of the bottom plate. The power cable is threaded into the line tube. The inlet pipe is connected with the main pipe; then the seat is placed in the inlet pipe and the pipe line in turn, and the fixing seat is fixed to the wall by two M4×30 stainless steel self-tapping wires.

6. Pass the power cable that passes through the PVC conduit from the slot on the side of the inlet pipe to the bottom plate, and then connect the two plugs of the controller to the power cable and solenoid valve. Because it is used in a humid environment, be sure to insert the waterproof plug. Then, the outer casing is fastened from the top to the bottom, and two M4×8 stainless steel self-tapping screws are fixed on the lower end of the outer casing to fix the bottom plate.

The main function of the shower?

1. Water-saving, automatically perceive the body's coming and going, people go to the water flow, people go to the water to stop, the water-saving effect is very obvious, up to 30%-50%.

2, health, people to the nozzle is the water, people leave the water to stop, effectively eliminate bacterial cross-infection.

3, waterproof, sealed with epoxy resin, long service life.

4, anti-fog, winter anti-fog technology, especially suitable for low temperature places in the north.

5, the near object, the patent anti-near occlusion function, to avoid the flow of water caused by the close of the human body.

6, easy to maintain, the nozzle has a strong anti-scaling, anti-fouling function. An easy-to-remove filter at the inlet allows easy maintenance by non-professionals.

7. Intelligent, the device is controlled by microcomputer, and the range has been set at the factory, no manual debugging is required.

8. Safety, this product uses 24V safe DC power supply, safe and reliable. The shower elbow adopts the upper effluent design and is fixed by special bracket to prevent malicious pulling and damage.

9, easy to install, suitable for a variety of new, rebuilt bath.

After reading the above how to install the shower, people have already got a lot of understanding and understanding. When you go to the installation, you must find the correct method. This is the key for people. Please ask the professional staff to install, the effect will be better, and the main function of the shower is also to know, can have more understanding.