How to avoid being confused because of the choice of shower.

Update: 08-05-2021

But if you want to take a comfortable bath, in addition […]

But if you want to take a comfortable bath, in addition to a high-quality water heater, you also need to choose a good shower. A good shower can moisturize the skin, relax the pores, provide massage for the body and mind, and make the mood happy. Sometimes, it's just a perfect moment that can make us discover that life is better.

But now there are different styles of shower heads on the market, and many people are confused about the choice of shower heads.

The shower head is best to be made of high-quality brass gravity stainless steel shower lifter casting, the overall durability is stronger, and there is an environmentally friendly ABS material bubbler inside, the water source will become cleaner. The main body faucet made of stainless steel can prevent the growth of bacteria while preventing rust, making it stronger and more durable.

There are three levels of water and four levels of water, you can adjust according to your own needs, making your bathing and bathing more comfortable. At the same time, there is a high-pressure spray gun, which is more comfortable to wash and clean, and the compact design does not take up more space. Better save bathing space. The thoughtful design of the liftable shower head can also satisfy people of different heights.