How to buy a shower head?

Update: 25-05-2020

A good shower can often be used for about ten years, or […]

A good shower can often be used for about ten years, or even 15 years if you love it. So it is very important to buy a good shower. We can pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing products:

The most common problems with showers are leaking hoses, clogged outlets, and clean surfaces. Experts point out that water quality, water temperature, humidity, and materials are the main causes of these problems. Various impurities in the water will cause corrosion inside the shower; too high water temperature will also cause certain damage to the shower; the hose and surface material of the shower are closely related to its service life. From this, it is not difficult to see that some problems are not within our control. So, what kind of shower and daily maintenance is particularly important.

How to choose high-quality bathroom shower

Shower device

Water way

The multiple water outlet methods are no longer the patents of advanced showers, but gradually spread to ordinary shower brands. A shower is generally equipped with four water outlet methods, the following are the most common ones:

1. Massage type, the water splash is strong and powerful, pouring continuously to relax the body; 4. Stroke type, continuous and small water flow
2. Rainwater type, continuous water drop by drop;

3. The most basic shower water flow in the bath;

4. Single strand, a water column with concentrated water flow.

The adjustment method is very simple, you can squeeze the small handle on the shower or directly turn the shower head to change the water at will.


In traditional showers, the water outlets are usually stored inside, and there is a style on the market that is the opposite. The designer boldly exposed the water outlets outside, and the rubber texture feels hard. According to reports, on the one hand, this design is for more convenient cleaning, and can be scrubbed by hand or cloth; on the other hand, the water hole is highlighted, and the shower water will be more natural. In addition, some showers have the function of self-cleaning. When spraying water, the descaling needle will automatically clean the sediment in the water outlet, but the price is more expensive than the general shower.

Details of accessories

The shower head directly affects the texture of the water, and the accessories of the shower will affect the comfort of use. Some brands of water pipes and lifting rods are particularly flexible. The hoses are made of steel with buckling resistance. The joints are also equipped with anti-twist ball bearings. Even if you dance while taking a shower, the pipes will not "fight"; the lifting rod is equipped with Rotating the controller up and down makes it easy to move vertically or horizontally.

Constant temperature, water saving function

Re-adjust the water temperature every time I take a bath? This is too much trouble! Now many shower switches are equipped with thermostats, which can not only regulate the temperature, but also use a metal ball valve to help you "remember" the appropriate temperature. When you choose a water temperature Fix it, the water temperature will be constant in each subsequent bath. It makes it easy for the shower to control the water temperature and flow, and at the same time, it can play a role in ensuring the safety of the elderly and children's bathing.

The appearance of this device is the same as that of a common faucet switch, and it is also equipped with a regulating hot water controller to control the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that hot water can flow out quickly and accurately, which can save water and save heat energy. That is to say, while memorizing the water temperature, while adjusting the water volume, the maximum water saving can be 50% without affecting the water output effect.

Diligent "physical examination" to prevent faucets from "strike" early

For faucets, the most common problems are water leakage and the switch becoming astringent and loose. Sometimes, the water leakage is not related to the faucet itself. It is caused by problems such as aging, unstable water pressure, or corrosion caused by the water supply hose supplying the faucet. The water supply hose plays a very important role in the bathroom, but it is also a consumable item. If you neglect to overhaul, if there are cracking, bursting and other problems, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, experts recommend that we check or replace the water supply hose every 1-2 years or so. Although replacing the water supply hose is not a complicated task, it is best to leave it to the property or a professional. In addition, when the hose is initially renovated or replaced afterwards, attention should be paid to whether the worker has installed an angle valve on the wall. Because the angle valve controls the hot and cold water switch, it will be more convenient when replacing the hose, otherwise the main gate will be closed.