How to choose a shower set from the design and function of water purification

Update: 26-03-2021

Shower head accounts for a large proportion of sanitary […]

Shower head accounts for a large proportion of sanitary ware, and not only more and more styles, but also more and more comprehensive functions.The purpose of our shower is to clean the dirt on the body, but if the shower used in the shower itself is not clean enough, there will be no way to achieve our original purpose of cleaning. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose a self-cleaning style when purchasing a shower, which can automatically clean and descale, ensure the health of the water, and use it more assured and fun!

Wrigley’s self-cleaning top spray and hand-held shower stainless steel shower sprinkler suit have smooth water flow and are not easy to cause scale, giving you a clean and comfortable shower experience. The height of the hand-held shower is adjustable to meet the different needs of the family. The main body of the faucet is recast with 59 copper, corrosion-resistant and anti-explosion, built-in high-quality ceramic valve core, which is smooth and does not drip for a long time.

According to the function, the shower set can be divided into simple type and multi-function type. The simple shower set generally only includes the shower main body, base, hose and hand-held, usually only used for showering, while the multi-functional shower set has the functions of hand-held, top spray, lower water outlet and spray gun, except for the shower Besides, it can also be used for spray washing and cleaning, and it is more versatile and is undoubtedly a better choice.

It adopts a hand-held shower with one-key switching of three functions to meet various water needs. The inner cavity is designed with uniform flow, and the spray volume is balanced and consistent, which brings you a wonderful touch. Supplemented by self-cleaning technology, the water will be automatically dredged when the water is turned off, and the more you use it, the cleaner. Built-in thermostatic valve core, the water temperature is consistent.