How to choose a shower

Update: 09-10-2021

The arc shower rod is easy to install Back to the tradi […]

The arc shower rod is easy to install

Back to the traditional arc shower rod, it is very convenient to use. 250mm copper round rain shower, you can feel the warmth and nourishment of the water. The hand shower is supplemented with three functions, suitable for the bathing needs of the whole family. The lifting rod and shower rod of the handheld shower are integrated in design, which is more concise and practical. The metal hose is anti-entanglement, even if the children at home use it with ease.

Tailor-made personalized solutions for overhead and side spray showers

For people who often suffer from back and waist pain, it is recommended to choose a side spray shower. Massage with water flow can relieve the pain. According to your own needs, plan the number and location of the side spray showers in advance, and design the waterway reconstruction plan. The side spray shower can also adjust different water outlet methods and directions. Be careful not to spray the side spray directly when the valve is just opened, so as to avoid accidental damage caused by unstable water pressure.

The slim shower column easily creates a double bathing space

The shower column occupies a small area and is suitable for use when creating a double bathroom. There is no need to embed pipelines, and the installation is convenient. The reliable hard water pipe has a long service life, and the hose is connected to the hand shower as a supplement to the shower. The water will not splash everywhere, and it can be used with a shower tray.

Hand shower to rinse in place

Generally, families choose this combination of hand shower, lift rod, hose and surface-mounted wall-mounted shower faucet for the most affordable and efficient. It can be matched with shower room or shower curtain. Pay attention to the installation height of the lifting pole, the height of the top end is 10 cm higher than the height of the person. The length of the hose should also be determined according to the person's height and the way of use. If you want to use the shower to wash the floor of the bathroom, you can choose a longer one. In general, 125 cm is sufficient. The hand-held shower is very safe to use, especially when the thermostatic faucet is not installed, it can prevent the sudden cold or hot water stimulation just opened the water valve, suitable for the elderly and children. Using a hand shower, you can rinse a certain part of the body at close range and save water. If someone at home has mobility problems and needs to take a bath, a hand-held shower can be more effective.

The integration of the side spray shower and the shower rod eliminates the need for waterway modification

Embed the side spray shower into the shower rod, and cooperate with the overhead shower and the hand shower to bring a richer bathing experience. This combination is suitable for people who don't want to work hard to make changes, but at the same time want to have high-quality bathing enjoyment. The three side spray showers can be flexibly rotated in the shower area, even if people are not in the center of the shower area, they can still enjoy the pleasure of showering from the "rotation". The "pipe-in-pipe" technology can separately control the overhead shower and the side shower, giving you more choices.

The shower head that emphasizes the design makes the bathroom focal point

The exaggerated overhead shower is like an outdoor shower, which makes people feel satisfied. The curved water pipe and the arc-shaped shower head add to the aesthetic effect. It has a shower head and bathtub faucet converter, and the hand-held shower head has an anti-scale design. There is also a gold-plated surface to choose from, so that it can be matched with a variety of home styles.

Excessive square shower experience is invigorating

For square showers directly installed on the wall, the load-bearing capacity of the wall should be considered. The shower area is large, and it may be necessary to supply multiple channels of water at the same time to ensure the water output. The water valve embedded in the wall adjusts various water outlet methods such as rain shower and waterfall. It is suitable for use in a shower room with a large area, or a bathroom with separate dry and wet.

Massage shower board easily and fully enjoy

The massage shower panel, which integrates the overhead shower, hand shower and body shower, can be installed at one time, bringing a full bathing enjoyment. The high-strength aluminum alloy body and simple installation make this shower board the first choice for families. The shower hose is cleverly confined to the rear of the shower panel. The shower head can rise and move to become an overhead shower, or it can extend smoothly as a hand shower. The uniquely designed control system can divide the body shower head into two groups to discharge water: the upper part (two) and the lower part (three). Regardless of the body height, you can enjoy the massage of the body shower head, which is especially suitable for busy and tired people.

Free party free combination

If you like a completely personalized shower, you can choose the free party series. Its basic element is a square of 12 square centimeters, and various functions can be configured within this range: showers, thermostatic valves, lighting systems or speaker modules and shelves that conform to the same square size. Blocks can be freely combined with any number of various modules according to any layout. Whether it is a horizontal layout or a vertical layout, whether it is spatial centralization or symmetrical design distribution, it can always bring a brand-new living space full of personality to the bathroom. The shower module is not only suitable for different overhead showers, but also can be used to adjust the horizontal and vertical spray patterns to bring unique and versatile shower modules to the neck and shoulder areas.

Symphony lights and rain showers create a full sense of shock

The water cube magic light rain shower not only provides the water function of the rain shower, but also integrates the environmental lighting mode to further enhance the enjoyment level of the shower. The Water Cube Symphony Light Rain Shower is a huge ceiling shower of 21 square inches. There are 4 Water Cube shower heads, each of which can be adjusted independently. Symphony lights can simulate sunrise, sunset, clouds, water waves and other effects, namely red, yellow, blue, green and other 9 colors, with the music playback function, so that the body and mind can be fully enjoyed.

Overhead shower to free your hands

For a clean bathroom decoration effect, you can choose a combination of overhead shower, shower arm, and concealed shower faucet. Because all the buried pipelines are used, the walls appear clean and neat, and it is easy to clean. This combination is suitable for the shower space of a person living alone, and can be selected and installed according to his height and preferences. The area of ​​the overhead shower is related to the water pressure. If the area is large, it should be properly pressurized. At the same time, it depends on whether the hot water supply method is suitable.

Thermostatic shower pipe is safer and more reliable

The thermostatic shower pipe can accurately adjust the temperature of the water flow, and also has the advantages of water saving and high-temperature safety shutdown protection functions. This allows bathers to completely relax themselves in the water, without worrying about the discomfort caused by the sudden change in water pressure and the change in water temperature. Especially families with the elderly and children should be equipped with thermostats.