How to choose home improvement water pipes

Update: 23-04-2021

Because plastic pipes have the above advantages over ga […]

Because plastic pipes have the above advantages over galvanized pipes, people agree that replacing galvanized water pipes with plastic pipes seems to be a more perfect solution. But with the accumulation of time, the fatal shortcomings of plastic pipes have begun to appear. The exposed plastic pipes may turn into powder after a slight touch of the wind and sun. The buried plastic pipes have also begun to deteriorate, scale, block the pipes, stainless steel shower pipe not to mention the pollution of drinking water; this has caused households who have used it for many years to have to smash the walls and chisel the walls to take out the plastic water pipes and replace them completely.

Since stainless steel was invented in the 20th century, it has been a metal material whose production capacity and demand continue to rise. Due to technological updates and advancements, cost reductions, thin-walled products and outstanding product performance, stainless steel water pipes stand out among all pipe developments. Stainless steel is born with many advantages that other pipes cannot match, and it has been proved by many years of practical experience at home and abroad that it is the green pipe of the century with low life cycle cost, better overall performance, and great development potential.

The thin and strong oxide film on the surface of stainless steel makes the stainless steel have excellent corrosion resistance in all water quality including soft water, even if it is buried in the ground, it also has excellent corrosion resistance, and also has good erosion resistance.

Stainless steel water pipes have very high strength (2 times that of galvanized pipes, 3-4 times that of steel pipes, and 8-10 times that of PPR pipes), and have good ductility and toughness. They are not brittle at low temperatures; they have strong impact resistance. Absorption capacity (the energy absorbed by austenitic stainless steel is 2.5 times higher than that of carbon steel when deformed), strong seismic and impact resistance; excellent wear resistance and fatigue resistance; better high temperature strength, excellent fire and heat resistance Radiation performance; stainless steel has low thermal conductivity (1/25 of steel pipe, 1/4 of steel pipe), and slow thermal expansion and contraction.