How to choose the installation method of shower head?

Update: 16-01-2021

If you want a wall-mounted shower, it’s best to determi […]

If you want a wall-mounted shower, it’s best to determine it at the beginning of the decoration. It will be troublesome to want to enter the wall after the decoration has been completed.

Some models with top spray modern and retro models can also be installed in the wall. It is also recommended to determine at the beginning of the decoration. Most of the shower rods of this type of product can be retracted. After the wall is installed, stainless steel shower set this advantage will disappear. If the height of the family members is different , To consider when purchasing. The simple style without top spray is suitable for users who like minimalist style, and the price is relatively cheaper.

At present, the materials used in the shower are mainly stainless steel, copper, and ABS plastic.

For showers with top sprays on the market, the bath tubes are basically stainless steel, the faucets are copper, the nozzles are mostly ABS plastic, and the valve core is ceramic.

The European-style retro shower will have all-copper shower products such as copper tube + copper faucet + copper sprinkler. The durability is better than other materials, but the price is high and not suitable for mass consumer groups.

For mass consumer groups, when buying shower heads with overhead showers, you need to pay attention to the faucet. Many brands will promote the all-brass faucet, but more than 90% of the main components of the faucet are copper. And this copper is the national standard 59 copper, the copper content is 57%-60%, and the remaining 40% is other substances.

The simple showers are basically stainless steel + ABS plastic. The expensive brand uses good materials and works better. Just choose according to the budget.