How to clean the water on the shower room

Update: 17-12-2020

The shower room is a place to take a bath, and there mu […]

The shower room is a place to take a bath, and there must be water and dirt. Some scales are very difficult to clean. It is unbearable for a cleaner person to see that the originally bright shower room is covered with scales. Is there any way to quickly clean the scale?

1. We can mix an appropriate amount of vinegar and table salt, and then use digital cleaning. stainless steel shower set Vinegar can dissolve the scale and salt increases friction, so that the scale can be quickly eliminated, or use toothpaste to clean the glass like brushing your teeth. This is also a A good way is to use more toothpaste.

2. We can also use glass cleaner cleaning agent to clean, dry with a dry cloth, but note that the glass cleaner should not be sprayed on the metal fittings, because most of the cleaners are corrosive, if Spraying on metal fittings can easily cause corrosion damage to metal fittings.

3. The ink can repair the glass and has a good cleaning function. We can wipe the glass with newspaper.

4. The toilet cleaner is equivalent to a glass cleaner, and you also need to be careful not to spray metal fittings!

5. Do you know the glass scraper? It's like a sponge mop for mopping the floor. Just wring out the water and wipe it directly. After the water is cleaned, the watermark will not be left.