How to design a practical shower room

Update: 11-12-2020

How to design a practical shower room The bathroom show […]

How to design a practical shower room
The bathroom shower room is divided into an integral shower room and a simple shower room according to its function; according to the style, it is divided into a corner shower room, a linear bath screen, an arc shower room, and a bathtub upper bath screen, etc.; according to the shape of the chassis, it is divided into square, full circle, Fan-shaped, diamond-shaped shower room, etc.; according to the door structure, stainless steel shower safety handle it is divided into sliding door, folding door, and swing door shower room.

Bathroom shower room size

1. The size of the shower room is based on the size of the bathroom. A large space can be considered from the perspective of a comfortable and loose shower. It has a variety of options, while a small space should make full use of the area. It is better to choose some sliding designs and inward opening designs that do not occupy space. Make full use of the space. When choosing a style, you should also consider the overall effect of the shower and the toilet. The selected shape (such as corner or arc) should be as coordinated as possible with the shape of the washbasin and toilet. The reasonable layout creates a relaxing environment. Please refer to Shop salesperson’s design suggestions! 304 stainless steel roller skates: This product uses 304 stainless steel roller skates, smooth sliding, quiet, safer to use, and durable in quality.

2. Customize the shower room size for the height of the shower room, usually the ceiling height is 2.4M, so the height of the shower room is generally 1900, and it can also be adjusted according to the height of the family. It is also necessary to pay attention to the position of the shower. If it is too low, it is easy to splash water, and if it is too high, it will cause obstacles, which will affect the appearance and air permeability.

3. The width of the shower room is required to ensure that the body can be rotated freely and will not always hit the glass. The general shower room size is 90cm*90cm. If your family is fat or tall, it is recommended to make 100cm×100cm; if the bathroom space is limited, 85cm×85cm can also be made, but not less than 80cm. At the same time, the moisture-proof board has high hardness, strong endurance, and is not prone to breakage, breakage and other problems. The price of the shower partition of the moisture-proof board is generally about 180-230 yuan/square.

4. The shower room is bright and easy to clean, giving a refreshing bathing enjoyment. Therefore, the requirements for it are also high, so consumers and friends should learn more about the design of the shower room and the size of the shower room when buying a shower room.