How to disassemble and clean the shower head? What are the precautions for using the shower head?

Update: 06-05-2020

Taking a bath is something that we have to do every day […]

Taking a bath is something that we have to do every day, so the choice of shower head is very important. Since the shower head is used frequently, it may be damaged faster. This requires us to care more during use. The following are some methods and precautions for cleaning the shower head:

1. How to disassemble and clean the shower head

  1. There are many types of shower heads, so the method of disassembling the shower head is also based on the structure of the shower head. The general shower head can be disassembled by rotating in a counterclockwise direction, without the use of any tools, and some shower heads The structure is that there is a round cover in the middle, as long as the cover is pryed off, the screw can be seen, and the shower head can be disassembled after the screw is turned down.

Shower device

  2. If the shower head is not seriously clogged, you can soak the bath head with white vinegar. You can remove it and soak it the night before, and then install it on the next day. The blocked hole will be soaked overnight It has also recovered as before, and it is necessary to clean the surface after usual use. You can wipe the surface with flour to keep the surface smooth.

  3. After disassembling the shower head, first remove the residue on the surface, and use the needle bucket to open the residue inside; the inside of the shower head is also very clean, first remove the water pipe head connected to the shower head, and refresh the shower head with tap water Fill the shower head with water again, block the spout with your hands to prevent the water from flowing out, shake it vigorously, release the water, and repeat a few times.

  2. Precautions for using shower head

  1. In order to ensure the durability of the product, please try to be gentle and slow during operation.

  2. Do not use decontamination powder. Use detergents such as polishing powder or nylon to scrub.

  3. Do not use strong acids when removing scales, so as not to cause corrosion on the shower surface.

  4. The hot water supply side of the faucet is in a high temperature state. Please be careful not to let the skin directly contact the surface to avoid burns.

  5.After using for a long time, if it is found that the shower water does not flow out regularly and intermittently, there are debris blocking the water outlet. It will automatically replenish water and flush out.

  6. Since acid detergent can erode the electroplated layer, it should not be used when washing clothes; if the tiles are washed with acid, the shower should be washed immediately and wiped clean with a soft cloth.