How to distinguish the quality of the sliding door of the shower room?

Update: 22-06-2020

Here are a few tips for buying sliding doors to prevent […]

Here are a few tips for buying sliding doors to prevent consumers from being caught in the traps designed by the merchants and suffer losses.

First of all, what constitutes the sliding door of the shower room? When opening and closing the sliding door, we need to pay attention to the quality of the pulley. When we open and close the door, pay attention to the vibration amplitude and time before the door stabilizes. A high-quality sliding door is After closing, it is fixed instantly without excessive amplitude, and the door with poor pulley quality will shake a few times after closing to really fix it. Although the number of vibrations is only two or three times, it can be It is enough to show that there is a certain problem in the quality of its pulley.

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Second, pay attention to whether the sliding door is very smooth when it is installed. If the sliding door is of good quality, it is very easy to install, because the design of the sliding door matches the entire shower room very well, so that the sliding door can get the most Good results. In addition, pay attention to the situation within one month after the sliding door is installed. If it is just installed and it is still very convenient and smooth to use, but after a period of time, there have been problems such as slack in parts. Can such a sliding door be worthy of our trust? Therefore, as long as you know these three methods when purchasing, you can avoid buying inferior shower rooms. In fact, we can use one of them to eliminate sliding doors that do not meet the requirements.

Finally, listen to the sound to distinguish the quality of the sliding door of the Stainless Steel Shower Sprinkler Suit room. In fact, where did this sound come from? It is caused by the collision and friction between the pulley and the track. If the quality of the pulley and the track is better, how can it be emitted? Loud sound? Just like the glass door of an office building, we usually hear a very loud sound indicating that the quality of this kind of door is simply not good and it is particularly prone to problems. Of course, this kind of sound is impossible to avoid, because there will be sound when there is friction or collision. After a certain period of time, this sound will become louder and louder. Therefore, sound is one of the easiest ways to distinguish the quality of sliding doors.