How to increase the water pressure of the shower head

Update: 23-07-2021

In daily life, the shower is a vital item for every own […]

In daily life, the shower is a vital item for every owner. But after a certain period of time, the water pressure of the shower at home will be greatly reduced. When faced with such a phenomenon, the owners are often at a loss. So, how to increase the water pressure of the shower head?

1. Replace the booster shower nozzle

Although there are many brands of shower heads in the mall, it is recommended that you choose well-known shower heads. In fact, the reason why your shower has insufficient water pressure is most likely because you have chosen a shower of poor quality, stainless steel shower handrial so such a malfunction will occur after using it for some time. Of course, if you want to completely solve the situation of insufficient water pressure, it is best to go to the mall to buy a new shower to replace it.

2. Install water pressure booster pump

If the water pressure in your home is particularly low, then the shower will have insufficient water pressure failure. At this time, a more effective solution is to install a water pressure booster pump. In fact, the water pressure booster pump is used to increase the water pressure of the house. Under normal circumstances, water pressure booster pumps can also be used in high-rise residential buildings and apartments, and experiments have shown that its effect is also very significant.

3. Dredge the nozzle of the shower

If the shower in your home has been used for more than three years before it fails with insufficient water pressure, then it is likely that the shower is blocked. The solution is: puncture the small hole of the shower with a needle or toothpick. Because the shower has accumulated a lot of scale after being used for a few years, abnormalities will occur when the water is discharged. However, if the scale of the shower is particularly heavy, the shower head must be removed directly, and then cleaned in water with detergent.