How to install the shower head

Update: 18-10-2021

To install a shower, you must first have a reserved pip […]

To install a shower, you must first have a reserved pipe position. This is generally not easy to install by yourself, and requires a dedicated master to install it, but generally rental houses will reserve such a place. For example, provide such an interface for water heaters.

Then it is time to buy a shower head. The shower head is generally divided into a bumper, a hose, and some also need to prepare a bracket. The installation of the bracket generally requires electric drills to drill holes. If this is not easy to solve, you can choose not to install (there is a compromise.)

When installing, it is more important to pay attention to one detail. Generally, a plastic film will fall out when you twist the head or two sections of the hose. The function of this film is to seal the ring, this thing must be installed when installing.

The installation diagram is shown in the figure, that is, when installing, the sealing ring should be placed in the middle, and then connected to the knob.

Generally, the installation method of rotary connection basically does not need to use other tools. It can be installed directly by hand, but it must be tightened to prevent water leakage.

As mentioned earlier, if the wall cannot be punched, you can consider using other methods to give the sprinkler a fixed position near the window. that's it.

If it is a water heater, there will be a problem of too low water pressure. You can consider using a pressurized head to make the shower feel better.