How to judge the quality of the shower room

Update: 26-09-2020

How to judge the quality of the shower room Now, the sh […]

How to judge the quality of the shower room

Now, the shower room is mainly composed of tempered glass and metal frame, so judging whether the shower room is good or not has a lot to do with the frame material of the shower room. Currently, there are three common shower room frame materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and copper. On the surface, these three materials are similar, but the price and quality are very different.

The stainless steel surface is polished, the appearance is silvery stainless steel shower tube , stylish and beautiful, the hand feels smooth and delicate, not easy to rust, it is as long as new, through advanced casting process, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and good physical properties.

Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance after oxidation treatment, but when aluminum is oxidized, the surface becomes white and sometimes deteriorates. Aluminum alloy has low density and weighs only one-third of stainless steel, so it is not as strong as stainless steel; the advantage is that it is economical.

Although copper is the best in flexibility and hardness, it has strong bearing capacity, easy cleaning and beautiful appearance. Although the cost of copper is high, it can guarantee the performance and service life of the shower room, and there will be no surface black spots, blistering, delamination and other phenomena after long-term use.