How to match stainless steel pipes for stair handrails?

Update: 25-09-2021

Stainless steel pipes have a wide range of applications […]

Stainless steel pipes have a wide range of applications. They can be used to make doors and windows, rain sheds, sliding doors, stair rails, bus stops, etc., which can be seen everywhere in life. There are always customers inquiring about stainless steel stair handrails.

Most household stair handrails are matched with round pipes. The more practical type is 63 round tubes for noodle tubes, 38 round tubes for uprights, and 25 round tubes for crosspieces. This combination is simple and generous. The choice of thickness can be considered according to its own cost, and the household type needs to be firmer.

If the combination of the shopping mall type is a public place, it is recommended to use a special series of elliptical pipes as the surface pipe, and the column below stainless steel shower handrial can be matched with round pipes, which makes the public place more beautiful.

Square tubes can be used to match the office space and shopping malls, which have characteristics and individuality to highlight the grade and taste. For square tubes, you can use a 60*40 or 50*10 rectangle as a face tube, 40*20 or 30*10 as a column, and 10*20 or 10*10 as a crosspiece. The thickness of the choice is usually 1.1 or Around 0.9. In addition to matching ideas, you can also choose to use brushed surface or European-style plated stainless steel pipes as handrails. European-style plated stainless steel pipes also have a unique charm.

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