How to reasonably use the shower room partition to create dry and wet separation in a small bathroom

Update: 06-11-2020

Generally speaking, the layout of small-sized homes wil […]

Generally speaking, the layout of small-sized homes will be adjusted according to demand. The bathroom usually only occupies a few square meters. Although the bathroom space is small, it is a place that family members use every day or use it frequently.

The comfort level of the bathroom is closely related to stainless steel shower lifter daily life, so how can we make reasonable use of the shower room in the small apartment bathroom space to create a relaxing and comfortable bathing environment?Shower sprinkler bracket

For small-sized bathrooms, clever use of limited space is the key. The "three big pieces" are indispensable for bathroom decoration, including washbasins, toilets, and shower rooms.

Under normal circumstances, the most ideal layout is that the washbasin faces the bathroom door, and the toilet is close to its side, and the shower room is set at the innermost corner, so that it is the most scientific in terms of use, function and beauty. .

For a bathroom with a small area, a shower room partition is more suitable than a bathtub. The choice of shower room brand, size and style must be cautious. In comparison, the arc-shaped shower room and the fan-shaped shower room are flexible and compact, and save space.

In order to make better use of the space, the details should be selected. The shower room is best to choose a sliding door, and make full use of the upper space to configure shelves, storage racks, etc., which not only takes up space, but also facilitates the placement of cleaning supplies and clothes. It is very practical Match.

The washbasin can’t be big, it’s enough. If you want to match the whole bathroom cabinet, in order to avoid the accumulation of water on the floor, it is best to choose a floating bathroom cabinet. Not only can the floor be cleaned without leaving dead corners, but it is also unnecessary. Worrying that the bathroom cabinet will get wet can kill two birds with one stone.

Among them, the bathroom with large space limitations can consider using color matching to make up for the shortcomings and shortcomings of the space, and the use of uniform colors will not appear too crowded and hasty.