What kind of shower is good? How to choose a shower?

Update: 04-05-2019

When people are decorating their homes, showers are oft […]

When people are decorating their homes, showers are often installed in the bathroom, because the shower is not only more convenient and quicker to use than the bathtub, but also more sanitary. Because of this, the brand of showers on the market is very much. The price is not the same, the quality is even more uneven, which brings great difficulties to people's purchases. In this article, we will introduce you to what kind of showers are good, and how to buy showers. .

What kind of shower is good? How to choose a shower?

What kind of shower is good?

1. First, look at the energy efficiency label. The lower the energy efficiency level, the higher the thermal efficiency, the better the energy saving effect, and the more gas is saved. Each gas water heater has an energy efficiency label that tells us the energy saving level of this water heater. The new national standard divides the energy efficiency rating into: the thermal efficiency value of primary energy efficiency is 94% to 98%, the thermal efficiency value of secondary energy efficiency is 85% to 89%, and the thermal efficiency value of tertiary energy efficiency is 82% to 86%. When we buy a gas water heater, look at the energy efficiency rating of this water heater, and know if it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

2, followed by the heat exchanger (commonly known as the water tank) material. The gas water heater heat exchanger is a metal box with a lot of water pipes wrapped around it. The surface of these pipes is attached with metal sheets. Some of them are like old-fashioned radiators, which ensure that the heat released by gas combustion is fully absorbed by cold water. The heat exchanger is equivalent to the heart of a gas water heater and is the core component that determines the life and thermal efficiency of the water heater. The material of the heat exchanger determines the level of thermal conversion performance. There are two main types of heat exchangers in the domestic market, one is aluminum and the other is copper. Although aluminum is cheaper than copper, it has no high temperature and no copper. Better heat exchanger materials, such as oxygen-free copper, phosphorus deoxidized copper, ultra-thick phosphorus deoxidized copper, pure copper and so on. Among them, oxygen-free copper has the advantages of high purity, good thermal conductivity, easy solderability, and durability. Most high-end water heaters use oxygen-free copper as the tank material. In fact, the material of the heat exchanger is phosphorus deoxidized copper, and the phosphorus deoxidized copper is 100% oxygen-free and resistant to condensation.

3. Third, look at the burner. As the name suggests, the burner is the place where the heat inside the gas water heater provides heat to the water tank. By adjusting the size of the firepower, the burner makes the water temperature more stable, and can adjust the corresponding firepower according to the season, avoiding the flameout caused by the external wind backflow, and the phenomenon of not catching fire. A simple and intuitive way to measure burner performance is to look at the width of the burner. The larger the burner width, the larger the combustion area and the more complete the gas combustion, thus making full use of energy. At present, the mainstream water heater burners on the market are about 15 cm wide, and some large brands have a burner width of 21 cm.

How to choose a shower?

1, shower faucet to buy water saving

The shower faucet has a long service life, and consumers should buy water-saving shower faucets. But how to choose, consumers may not know. In this regard, it is indicated that attention should be paid to the inspection report of the faucet. The reporter learned from the Beijing Consumers Association that in this test, many shower head products far exceed the requirements of national standards.

2, the surface should be bright

It is understood that about one-third of the faucets in this test are not ideal for corrosion resistance. It is stated that special attention should be paid to its corrosion resistance when purchasing. It is understood that many faucets in the process of production, the surface of the substrate has not been processed, then the plating, the impurities left in the impact on the life of the faucet is very large; in addition, some faucet manufacturers in order to reduce costs, shorten the plating time, The thickness of the coating will become smaller.

3, the connection nut should be selected from copper

Some consumers may have encountered this kind of situation, and there are no problems in the appearance of the shower. It was discovered during installation that the connecting nut is easy to break. In this regard, the consumer needs to pay attention to observe the wall thickness of the connecting nut. It indicates that the quality of the shower connection nut is quite good in the process of home decoration. The connection nut that does not meet the national standard is very easy to break, and the responsibility is difficult to define.

I believe that each of us has used showers in our lives. Showers have provided us with a lot of conveniences, which have made our quality of life even higher, but because of the variety of showers on the market. Many, so this has brought a lot of confusion to people's purchases. People often hear people ask in life: what kind of shower is good, or the purchase skills of the shower, etc. I hope that the introduction of this article will give Everyone brings some help.