Is domestic shower better or imported shower better?

Update: 16-07-2021

There are many brands of shower heads, and many of my f […]

There are many brands of shower heads, and many of my friends don’t know how to start when buying them. So how to buy a household shower head? Super detailed brand shower head selection guide? Let’s take a look at whether domestic showers are better or imported showers.

The first thing to look at is the brand. The quality, workmanship, and after-sales showers of major brands are guaranteed, and the prices are relatively reasonable. There is no phenomenon of excessive asking prices. stainless steel shower lifter The differences in materials and prices of different brands are still quite large. Now on the market The price of the showers ranges from tens of yuan to several thousand yuan, and one part of the total price is paid for. Expensive showers may be good, but good showers must be expensive.

There are many types of shower heads. Common ones are made of copper or pure copper. This kind of shower has a higher cost and will be more expensive, but copper has better antibacterial ability and is not easy to rust. The common copper on the market Many kinds. The price of different types of copper varies greatly, and most of the formal brands use 59 refined copper.

In addition to copper, stainless steel is the material. The stainless steel shower has good corrosion resistance, but this material has higher hardness and will cause difficulty in forming. Therefore, the style is relatively simple and mainly used for top showers. In addition to the two materials, there is also a shower head made of ABS plastic. The price of this shower head is lower, and brand shower heads generally rarely use this material.

There are many brands of shower heads, and the prices of different brands are quite different. For those seeking economic benefits, you can choose domestic brands. Wrigley and Jiumu are both good. If you want to use imported brands, you can choose Kohler and GROHE. The price is slightly higher than that of domestic brands. If you want to use high-end showers, you can choose Hansgrohe. The price of shower kits is more than 3,000 yuan, which is suitable for friends with ample budget.