Is it better to use stainless steel or all copper for the shower?

Update: 12-08-2020

How about a stainless steel shower? Is it better to use […]

How about a stainless steel shower? Is it better to use stainless steel or all copper for the shower?

Showers are familiar to everyone in modern life, and they are often used. The survey found that there are many materials for showers, and different materials have different performances and different prices. Therefore, when choosing stainless steel shower lifter you must have a certain The investigation found that stainless steel and copper showers are common for showers, but is it better to use stainless steel or all copper for showers?
The stainless steel surface is never rusty, beautiful and durable, and easy to clean. The surface of the stainless steel faucet does not need to be electroplated. Its surface only needs to be polished (polished) to show its stainless steel color, and it will always maintain the silver-white luster and never rust. The polished surface of stainless steel products is still clean and beautiful after 10, 20 and 30 years, and luxurious as new. At present, kitchen utensils and tableware made of stainless steel are popular all over the world. The stainless steel material will never rust, never corrode, and never deform. And the stainless steel faucet is easy to clean. The best cleaning materials for the stainless steel shower are: any kind of washing water and steel wire balls, the more polished, the brighter and newer.

Trend, stainless steel faucet is an industry that has only developed this year, and it is relatively fashionable and trendy.
The stainless steel shower is healthy and environmentally friendly without lead. , Stainless steel is lead-free, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, free from corrosion, does not release harmful substances, and does not pollute water sources. It is in line with the concepts of human health, hygiene and environmental protection.
Plastic, the water outlet is silica gel. Solar water heaters will have scale after a long time, and these scales will block the water outlet. If it is silicone, you only need to squeeze the water outlet hole by hand to clean up the scale and so on blocked in the hole. Plastic shower, the current engineering plastic has good performance, strength and heat resistance. Plastic material has the advantage of being affordable, but its disadvantage is that it is easily deformed by heat.
Stainless steel, stainless steel showers were still very common a few years ago, but they have become rare in recent years. It is also resistant to wear, rust, and affordable. The disadvantage is that the style of shower head made of stainless steel is relatively simple. Workmanship is also in place.
The advantages of aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy and aluminum-magnesium alloy are that they are not afraid of wear and are light and durable. The disadvantage is that it may become black if it takes a long time. It should be equipped with shape and color. After choosing the style and color, you must first choose the product material. The second is to look at the plating. In terms of materials, hardware showers are available in copper, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, and plastic.
Copper-plated network, hollow copper chrome-plated (mostly round rods, thick square rods are also generally): hollow copper shower advantages: many styles, moderate prices. Disadvantages: fear of abrasion, good electroplating will fall off in a humid environment all year round, the electroplating layer is thin, and the electroplating will fall off after a short time. It is easy to deform, and the regular manufacturers generally do not have this problem! But some manufacturers use the tube to look thicker, but the tube wall is very thin, and it will be broken after use (it is recommended to press hard when buying, not easy to bend).
All-copper solid chrome plating (usually a square tube, and some flowers are specially screwed on both ends of the rod to prove that it is solid): All-copper shower advantages: fine workmanship, thicker plating layer, strong and durable. Disadvantages: the price is high, the style is not as good as the hollow one.