Is that true that you can take a rest assured bath with stainless steel pipes

Update: 16-09-2020

In the urban water supply pipe network, the flowing wat […]

In the urban water supply pipe network, the flowing water in the large pipes is relatively clean, but when it enters the small branch pipes of the family, the cleanliness of the water pipes is affected due to the different quality of the water pipes. The poor quality of the water pipe will not only cause water leakage due to aging and cracking, but also easy to breed bacteria on the inner wall, which increases the safety risk of drinking. Moreover, the water released from the faucet every morning is actually the water retained in the pipeline the night before. After a night of static, it is easy to breed various bacteria. Therefore, some countries with strict requirements for water quality have clearly stipulated that stainless steel should be used for drinking water pipes. Compared with plastic water pipes, stainless steel pipes can prevent the growth and deposition of bacteria, thereby avoiding the production of carcinogens in the water pipes.

Now, with the improvement of people's living standards in our country, the improvement of domestic water quality bears the brunt, and people's attention has shifted to healthier stainless steel water pipes. Under this trend, Tianli, as the leader of China's home furnishing piping system, has developed stainless steel water pipes. Through the two core advantages of fast butt connection and double sealing ring technology, it has broken through the barriers to the popularization of stainless steel home improvement. , Started the process of stainless steel domestic water pipes in China.

Fast-paced life and convenient living conditions increase people’s bathing frequency, while poor-quality water pipes increase people’s health risks. But people's enthusiasm for cleaning the body cannot be curbed. As long as we use healthy stainless steel pipes, we can meet the dual needs of cleanliness and health.