Measures to improve the welding quality of stainless steel pipes

Update: 23-11-2019

In order to ensure that the outer surface of the stainl […]

In order to ensure that the outer surface of the stainless steel shower pipes is not damaged and purified, the maintenance of the stainless steel pipe should be reinforced in various processes of consumption, mainly in the following three aspects:
1. The processing and consumption of stainless steel pipes should have a special consumption workshop (very good use of wood) to prevent the indirect indirect touch of the stainless steel and carbon steel processing platforms.
2. There should be a special storage rack. The storage rack should be made of wood or painted carbon steel bracket or mat with rubber mat to isolate it from other metal materials such as carbon steel. When storing, the storage orientation should be easy to lift, and it must be isolated from other data storage areas. Protective measures should be taken to prevent the liquid from being cleaned, to prevent collision with other components, and to prevent the damage and damage of iron metal.
3. When hoisting stainless steel pipes, common spreaders, such as slings and shared chucks, should be used to prevent the use of wire ropes to prevent scratching; and when lifting and placing, it should be prevented from impacting and bumping. It is assumed that appearance scratches, arc marks and surface cleaning during transportation, storage and processing must be thoroughly eliminated, polished with an angle grinder, and then polished with polished or metallographic sandpaper.