Natural gas showers ranked? Advantages of natural gas showers?

Update: 04-05-2019

There are also a lot of showers. When you buy, you must […]

There are also a lot of showers. When you buy, you must shop around and compare them carefully. Xiao Bian still recommends that you buy a well-known brand, so that after-sales is guaranteed, and the brand shower is its reputation, the quality is trustworthy. So what about the advantages of natural gas showers and natural gas showers, let's see.

Natural gas showers ranked? Advantages of natural gas showers?

Natural gas showers ranked?

1st place: AO. Smith

A. O. Smith is positioned in high-end water heaters and was established in the United States in 1874. Its products cover household electric water heaters, gas water heaters, household water purification, heat pumps, pressurized solar energy, and home heating. Its water heater has the characteristics of power saving, patented carbon monoxide safety protection, etc., and is loved by many consumers around the world.

AO. Smith's current gas water heater is designed for high-rise products to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. The US patented carbon monoxide safety protection system with 5D safety upgrade can not only achieve 24-hour high-level monitoring, but also actively remove carbon monoxide in the kitchen environment, providing the family with a safe and secure protection, and continuously extending and expanding the horizontal security dimension. By carrying intelligent high wind pressure resistance technology, AO. Smith gas water heater can monitor the outdoor wind change in real time, feedback to the smart core, adjust the speed of the top drive fan, resist the outdoor hurricane above the 12th level and change the strange wind.

2nd place: Linne

The forest gas water heater is a Japanese brand. It was established in September 1993 and is a joint venture between Shanghai Gas (Group) Co., Ltd., Japan Linnei Co., Ltd. and Japan Corporation Chiric Acid. The registered capital is 9.7 million US dollars. To produce high-performance gas water heaters, gas cookers, heating stoves, range hoods, the company has been adhering to the technical foundation of Japan Linnei Group for more than 90 years, relying on advanced equipment, technology and research and development capabilities, always adhere to the "quality and sincerity dedication" In the concept of “customer”, it has become a pioneer in the Chinese gas appliance industry.

The main push in Lin is the Yitian series gas water heaters. The water heater has three core technologies of combustion, micro-fire, and bypass water mixing, which solves the three major pain points of common water, so that the bath is no longer hot when switching firepower, and truly provides a constant temperature bath, which greatly improves the bathing comfort. Its alternating bathing of hot and cold water can make the capillaries expand and contract, and it has the effect of health and skin. In addition, the Lin series water heater can also set the water output according to the capacity of the bathtub. When the set water volume is reached, the water valve is automatically closed to stop the water release and prevent the water from overflowing.

3rd place: Wanhe

Established in Guangdong in 1993, Wanhe Company is a professional manufacturer of gas appliances with the largest position in domestic production under the brand name of “Gas Appliance Experts”. Wanhe started with technological innovation, and has filled the domestic technology gap 14 times in the field of gas appliance manufacturing, and has obtained more than 300 technical patents, becoming the leader in the gas appliance industry. Its innovative products have further consolidated its brand leadership position.

Wanhe is currently pushing the Wanhe JSQ25-338W13 gas water heater, which has a capacity of 13L and can meet the needs of a family. The 4D constant temperature technology allows the temperature to be kept at ±0.5 °C, and the hot water is quickly discharged in 8 seconds without waiting for the shower. Even in the case of low water pressure, you can guarantee the supply of hot water, so you can enjoy the hot water anytime, anywhere. In addition, Wanhe gas water heaters can be easily started under low pressure conditions, which are very suitable for urban suburbs, high-rise buildings and peak water use periods.

Advantages of natural gas showers?

The reason why gas water heaters love the majority of users is because it has the following advantages: high thermal efficiency, fast heating speed, instant heat, large water output, stable temperature, less scale, and small footprint, free from water volume control. The temperature regulation is stable, can be used continuously by many people, and has a fixed number of consumers. In the kitchen in the winter, you can always come to the hot water, convenient; the water temperature is constant, the purchase cost is cheap; use natural gas, clean and environmentally friendly. In general households, it is enough to use an 8-liter gas water heater. The double-bathroom is equipped with more than 10 water heaters.

Regarding the ranking of natural gas showers, the above has been introduced in great detail. If you have any questions about the advantages of natural gas showers, please feel free to consult. The appearance of the shower solves our bathing problem, making the bath comfortable, warm and clean. No more trouble with the trouble of using a kettle to boil water, bathing, very convenient.