What are the advantages of bathroom stainless steel handrails

Update: 03-12-2020

What are the advantages of bathroom stainless steel han […]

What are the advantages of bathroom stainless steel handrails

The product has the advantages of beautiful appearance, exquisite internal structure, stability, strong bearing capacity, convenient cleaning and quick installation. This product is suitable for hotels, guesthouses, villas, office buildings, apartments,stainless steel bathroom grab bar airports, nursing homes, hospitals, and other places. The product is not expensive, practical and affordable.Fixed Stainless steel handrail for bathroom

1. Anti-slip does not rotate

Professional team, humanized anti-skid design, more imagination and creativity, novel and unique shape, convenient and firm installation, anti-skid and non-rotating.

2. Safe and secure

Multiple quality certifications, strictly in accordance with the production standard system, ensure product quality, perfect after-sales service, and use a professional attitude to serve each of our customers.

3. Environmental protection and no odor

Adopt environmental protection standards, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, strong anti-slip and anti-bacterial surface, no water spots, no scale, easy to take care of, long service life.

4. Wear-resistant and non-fading

The product is made of stainless steel 304 material, wear-resistant, explosion-proof, anti-impact, stylish in appearance, exquisite and stable internal structure, durable, and does not fade and do not change color.

5. High cost performance

"Honesty-oriented, quality-based" professional focus for 15 years, through a large number of technical research to reduce costs, more favorable prices and provide higher quality products.