What are the characteristics and future development trends of stainless steel welded pipes?

Update: 29-06-2021

The wall thickness of stainless steel welded pipe is di […]

The wall thickness of stainless steel welded pipe is different. There is a big difference in the thickness of the pipe wall. The thicker the pipe wall, the more money will be invested in the device and dissolving equipment. Of course, its practicability is poor, and the accuracy of the welded pipe The higher the thickness, the more uniform the thickness, the higher the internal and external brightness, and the arbitrarily marking.

In terms of welding characteristics, welding technology can be divided into automatic welding and manual welding. Automatic welding technology generally uses plasma welding or submerged arc welding. Manual welding generally uses argon arc welding. In terms of classification, stainless steel welded pipes can be divided into longitudinal welded pipes and spiral welded pipes. According to their use, they can be divided into ordinary welded pipes,stainless steel shower pipe, condenser pipes, galvanized welded pipes, oxygen-blowing welded pipes, wire sleeves, metric welded pipes, and brackets. Roller tubes, deep well pump tubes, automotive tubes, transformer tubes, welded thin-walled tubes, welded special tubes, etc.

In terms of the future development of stainless steel welded pipes, my country’s demand for stainless steel pipes is increasing. Many large-scale projects, bridge construction, shipbuilding, oil exploration, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc. require a large number of stainless steel welded pipes. The demand for seamless pipes is much smaller. At present, China's industrial stainless steel welded pipes are about 150,000 tons, some of which still need to be imported. Therefore, the development trend of stainless steel welded pipes in my country is rapid, and the future sales and prospects of stainless steel welded pipes are very bright.