What are the production standards for stainless steel handrails?

Update: 25-04-2020

Stainless steel handrails can be seen everywhere in dai […]

Stainless steel handrails can be seen everywhere in daily life, especially in public bathrooms. Public toilets and other places are more common. So, how did he make it? What are his production standards?

The standards for stainless steel handrails are as follows:

1. Persistent flower tubes, sometimes not necessarily flower tubes, but we are collectively called flower tubes. That is the smallest stainless steel arranged firmly. To be parallel to the column, there are some errors in the spacing, but they cannot be too far apart. The standard is based on the naked eye. The tube with flowers also needs the flowers.

Stainless steel handrail

2. The flow pipe of the handrail, that is, the two smaller stainless steel pipes parallel to the main surface pipe should be in parallel with the main surface pipe, regardless of the number of sections, whether viewed from top to bottom or from bottom to top Several sections of pipe should be parallel to the main face pipe.

3. Main column and head column. That is, the pillar with the largest root at the beginning of the armrest should be vertical, and the interface should be seamless and smooth. Finally, if the above points can be achieved. It can be said that this handrail is perfect. The above information excludes the thickness of the material!

4. Whether the joint of the elbow in the turning position of the main surface pipe is smooth and no trace (this is a crucial point), there should be no traces of the connection, and it should be glossy after sanding and polishing.

5. The column, which is a stainless steel tube fixed to the ground, should be vertical.