What is the appropriate installation height of the shower head in the bathroom?

Update: 04-03-2021

The installation height of the shower head is generally […]

The installation height of the shower head is generally about 2.1-2.2 meters, and the distance between the shower head and the human head is about 40 cm. It is inconvenient to use if it is too close, and it is easy to touch the shower. If it is too far away, stainless steel shower pipe the water temperature will decrease and hot water will be wasted.

The styles of the shower heads are roughly the same, with some minor changes. The most important thing is the material. Generally, it is made of metal or plastic. The faucet is made of alloy, copper, or copper. The water pipe is generally made of plastic, but also stainless steel and copper. The faucet (mixing valve) is the key point. Choose a better material and make the switch smooth.

The other is the sprinkler, the function of the sprinkler is to disperse the water, choose stainless steel, copper is better, plastic is easy to deform and block. Some showers are glued to the showers, and the glue will fall off under the effect of long-term soaking in water.

Sprinklers are used for a long time, and the problem of small water output is prone to occur. Most of them are caused by clogged pipes and clogged shower nozzles, mainly caused by scale and some impurities. It needs time for descaling. Remove it and soak it with white vinegar, or use a descaling agent to remove it. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to block. It is also possible that the water pressure is insufficient, which will result in a small amount of water from the shower. It is recommended to install a water tank in the bathroom.

Pay attention to the spare parts of the shower when choosing, carefully observe the material and workmanship, don't be confused by the surface coating, see the chrome coating and think it is metal. Copper is the best, generally stainless steel.

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