What is the difference between the shower and the shower head?

Update: 18-05-2020

In fact, these two are the same thing, the shower head, […]

In fact, these two are the same thing, the shower head, but the name is different. However, there are several types of shower heads.

① Posture shower: The shower is hidden in the wall and sprays the body sideways. There are various installation positions and spray angles for cleaning and massage.
②Overhead shower: The shower head is fixed at the top of the head, the bracket enters the wall, and does not have the lifting function. However, there is a movable ball on the shower head to adjust the angle of the water.

Shower device

③Portable shower: You can hold the shower in your hand and shower it freely. The shower bracket has a fixed function.

The hand-held is generally made of heat-resistant plastic material, lightweight, and connected with a hose, which can be flexibly moved within a certain range.

A good shower can ensure that the amount of water allocated to each spray hole is basically the same. Secondly, the coating is generally brighter and more delicate, the better the coating process.

If you look at the shower head for a long time, there will inevitably be scale deposits. If it cannot be cleaned, some nozzle holes may be blocked. A well-designed shower with good flowers can ensure that the amount of water distributed in each nozzle is basically the same , So be sure to see the water when choosing a shower. Finally, look at the spool. A good spool is made of ceramic with extremely high hardness, which is smooth and wear-resistant, and prevents running and dripping.