What is the special experience of the concealed shower

Update: 14-05-2021

  Concealed shower set (including mechanical conce […]


Concealed shower set (including mechanical concealed shower, constant temperature concealed shower): If you want to experience more diverse shower effects and more concise and beautiful decoration effects, it is recommended to buy a concealed thermostatic shower system.

The main components of the concealed shower are in the wall, and the bathroom is more concise after installation; at the same time, the concealed installation also has a variety of water effects, such as top shower, hand shower, side spray, bathtub water, and several brands launched in this year's Shanghai exhibition. Shoulder shower spout. However, the price of such products is generally not low, especially for well-known brands. stainless steel shower set
The installation of such products is relatively more complicated, and the products need to be purchased in the early stage, and then the pipelines must be pre-made during hydropower construction.

Concealed products are widely used in foreign countries, and they are widely used in European and American markets. This is related to the use of room building materials in foreign markets. Many areas in foreign countries use hollow structures and are much easier to install. In China, solid walls are generally used. Before installation, the product must be purchased before the corresponding waterway can be reserved. Therefore, concealed showers in China are generally used in hotels and high-end villas. However, with the improvement of domestic consumption awareness and level, many home improvement customers will gradually choose Such products.