What should I do if the hand shower nozzle is blocked?

Update: 29-01-2021

  In fact, the hand shower is a water outlet part […]


In fact, the hand shower is a water outlet part of the shower faucet and shower set. Some hand showers are made of pure copper, so what if the hand shower is blocked?

1. Remove the shower head first, save the parts, l shower safety handle and pay attention to the installation sequence;

2. Put the water inlet of the shower head down, and pour out the debris inside, usually some slag particles in the water inlet pipe, which are easy to block the water outlet;

3. Use the sewing needle to unblock the rubber water outlet one by one, and then pour water into the shower head, shake it and pour it out to make the inside fully clean; the sewing needle should not puncture the rubber water outlet, but gently dial.

4. Use a rag to clean the scale around and on the surface of the rubber water outlet. Some need to be scraped off with a nail until it is clean;

5. Reconnect the clean shower nozzle (shower head) and the water outlet hose, and screw it tightly, so that the cleaning work is successfully completed, open the water valve and try the cleaning effect.