What standard should be used to test the quality of 304 stainless steel pipe?

Update: 01-09-2021

304 stainless steel pipe makes everyone often appear in […]

304 stainless steel pipe makes everyone often appear in our daily life. You can usually buy it yourself, but people who are not technically professional cannot see its quality. In addition, at the current stage of 304 stainless steel pipe inspection, there is a way to distinguish 304 The solution to stainless steel pipes

Before adopting 304 stainless steel pipe, the application of stainless steel pipe and natural environment should be considered. For example, welded steel pipes are generally used for decorative design, seamless steel pipes are generally used for liquid transportation, environmental sanitation stainless steel pipes are used for diagnosis and treatment or restaurant kitchens, and thick-walled pipes are used for working pressure. Generally, 200 series products are used in the room, 304 and other materials are used outdoors, and 316 is generally used in strong acid and strong alkali areas or coastal cities.

When selecting seamless steel pipes, be sure to make sure that the material meets the requirements. Take 304 material as an example: From the perspective of price analysis, if the 304 stainless steel pipe is even less than the general price of the 301 material on the sales market, it should be carefully distinguished. It is likely that other materials are counterfeit; make clear whether the surface of the 304 stainless steel pipe is printed with 304 material , And stipulate the manufacturer’s quality qualification certificate as the qualification certificate.

It can be detected with acid-base test reagents. Thirty seconds later, the color of material 304 remains unchanged, and 201 turns black; many samples can be removed and sent to my country's authoritative testing institutions for component inspection. Observe whether the outer surface and inner cavity of the pipe are bright and clean in color, well-proportioned in thickness, or not smooth. Generally, most of the welded steel pipes are not inspected, and the seamless pipes are manufactured according to cold drawing or hot rolling, and are actually operated during the production process.

It is very easy to cause uneven thickness and gaps on the surface of the tube. The surface roughness is generally the unpolished surface roughness of the seamless steel pipe. If there are no special requirements for the appearance, it is not easy to harm the application. When purchasing, you should choose products that have passed quality standards. It is an immediate and reasonable way to choose long-term application witnesses and good reputations for customers.