Which is better, copper or stainless steel?

Update: 21-08-2020

It is indispensable to use a shower when bathing, but t […]

It is indispensable to use a shower when bathing, but there are many kinds of shower materials on the market, including plastic, stainless steel, and copper. It is really difficult to choose a shower!

Which is better, copper or stainless steel? What my friends mean is that stainless steel showers are very common in life. Every household is the same and has no individuality. The copper showers are more distinctive in appearance, more individual, and have better visual effects~

Relatives feel that from their own experience, the stainless steel shower can be used for a long time without worrying about rusting, and the service life is quite long.

Finally, I decided to go to a store that specializes in selling shower heads. After visiting a few stores, and combining the introductions and suggestions of several sellers, I decided to install stainless steel shower heads in my new house. Fortunately, I did not choose the wrong one.

Mainly because the stainless steel shower has these advantages:

Stainless steel itself is made of material, is acid and alkali resistant, does not contain lead, does not harm humans, and is healthy and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the stainless steel itself is polished, and the surface gloss is good, and after a long time, it is easy to clean and can maintain the original gloss.

Finally, it is more affordable in terms of price, compared to copper showers.

Of course, the seller also introduced that copper showers also have many advantages, which are favored by many young people, especially copper showers with retro colors. If the home style is retro, copper showers are also a good choice.

However, if the copper shower is used for a long time, there will be rust problems, which will affect the appearance and use.