Which is better, copper shower or stainless steel

Update: 02-09-2020

Now that the standard of living has improved, people's […]

Now that the standard of living has improved, people's requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, which can be seen from the selection of sanitary products. In the past, the style of the shower used in the stainless steel shower tube was relatively simple, it was a simple sprinkler. Now it is different. There are many kinds of shower heads in the bathroom market. Many people see so many materials and styles of shower heads and don't know how to choose. Some businesses will package their products well. Therefore, it is more difficult to choose. If you want to choose a good shower, you must first talk about the material of the shower and the style of the shower.

One, the difference between stainless steel shower and copper shower

1, our more common shower material is plastic, which is cheaper in price, and it is easy to operate when making it. But the shower head of this kind of material has certain characteristics, the style is relatively simple, it is a simple round meeting.

2. There are also copper showers. The cost of copper is relatively high, but the texture is good and the service life is long. The same material comes with colors, and some retro styles will use this material.

3, stainless steel shower head is the most commonly used and there are many styles. There are also a lot of sales on the market. This material is rust-proof and has a bright surface. It can be matched with any kind of decoration. Therefore, more people choose this material shower.

The price of copper is inherently higher, so the price will be higher when the product is made. The texture of copper is relatively soft, so there are certain limitations when making it, so there are not many styles. However, the copper material has a beautiful color, and some high-end decorations still choose this material.

Stainless steel is a synthetic material, which has many properties and characteristics that other materials do not have. Therefore, many problems can be avoided when making shower heads. It is more reasonable to introduce this aspect. It sells well in bathroom products. The shower heads of these two materials have their own unique advantages. It does not mean that the expensive one is necessarily good. The one that suits you is the best.