Which one is more suitable for the bathroom shower exposed or concealed?

Update: 19-03-2021

1. Surface mounted shower The exposed shower means that […]

1. Surface mounted shower

The exposed shower means that the shower is directly installed on the wall after the bathroom is decorated, and the shower water supply hose of the exposed shower is exposed. This is also a common installation method for us.

Advantages: This method is relatively simple to install, stainless steel shower sprinkler suit and it is also very convenient if you need to repair it later.

Disadvantages: Occupy bathroom space, visually a little abrupt, and it is prone to bumps.

2. Concealed shower

The concealed shower means that the shower pipe is hidden inside the wall, only the shower head and switch are exposed. In addition, concealed showers are also divided into embedded top showers and side showers.

Advantages: The appearance is relatively neat and generous, and it does not take up the space of the bathroom.

Disadvantages: The construction is more difficult than the surface-mounted shower, and it needs to be planned in advance, and it will be more troublesome if it is to be repaired later.