Why are pressurized showers so popular now?

Update: 12-03-2021

  I don’t know if you have such an experience. The […]


I don’t know if you have such an experience. The ten-minute bath time a day is simply a source of inspiration for mankind.

The water rushing out in the shower seemed to have opened up the two channels of Ren and Du. The key that could not be found suddenly remembered where it was placed, and the manuscript that could not be written was held back, and the user's demand suddenly felt that it could be done... stainless steel shower safety handle .. In short, the moment the water hits the body and splashes, the brain is turned on.

Therefore, taking a bath is a small daily matter that is worthy of our serious consideration. The shower often plays a decisive role in the shower experience. A good shower head is a weapon to improve the quality of life! So if you want to take a shower and take a shower, you must first have one: strong water power! Can filter! Large coverage area! It's also water saving! Good shower!

The overall shape is simple and stylish, and the chrome-plated surface is smooth and delicate, which is very suitable for modern and simple bathroom styles. And can adjust the height of the shower head according to personal needs, very intimate, self-cleaning porous water to reduce dirt, dense self-cleaning water outlets, smooth, clean and healthy bathing life

The wide top spray design makes the shower coverage larger, plus the comfortable raindrop-style water outlet, it's like bathing in the rain, and it's invigorating. The nozzle of the top spray is exposed outside, and it is made of safe and environmentally friendly silica gel, which is soft and anti-aging, so that the water outlet is not easy to accumulate scale, and it is very easy to clean, and it can be cleaned by gently rubbing it with your hands.

Lock the water temperature to prevent sudden cold and hot, constant 40° moderate temperature, without fear of water temperature changes, protect your family’s health, all-round heat insulation protects your family’s delicate skin, isolate the temperature, no matter how large the action range, it will not be hot