why are the prices of the same stainless steel pipe fittings so different?

Update: 11-06-2021

In recent years, the domestic stainless steel water pip […]

In recent years, the domestic stainless steel water pipe market can be described as a hundred flowers blooming, with various manufacturers and various brands blooming everywhere. There are more brands to choose from, and the price of stainless steel pipe changes with changes in supply and demand. This step is indispensable for consumers to purchase and compare prices. Under the background of market transparency, why are the prices of the same stainless steel pipe fittings so different?

1. Differences in the quality of raw materials
The quality of stainless steel coils produced by different steelmaking plants is different, the production process and the ratio of raw materials are different, and the price is also different. For example, Baosteel, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, Shougang outdoor running socks and other large steel mills process and produce stainless steel coils in accordance with national standards, and big-name pipe manufacturers generally choose coil materials with guaranteed quality. In order to seize the market, the low-priced products that have appeared on the market are obviously made of low-priced and inferior materials, which are shoddy.

Two, production process differences

The differences in production processes are mainly reflected in three aspects: equipment selection, welding process technology, and quality system control. The big-brand manufacturers have strong comprehensive strength, adopt more advanced production equipment (foreign equipment), and have been specialized in pipe manufacturing for more than 20 years. They have accumulated rich experience in welding technology and have a complete quality control system. The specifications of pipes and fittings produced Uniformity and quality assurance. In order to reduce production costs and capital investment in machinery and equipment, small manufacturers use relatively backward production equipment. At the same time, they do not have a complete quality control system and do not perform finished product inspections, resulting in large differences in product quality specifications.

Three, the production scale is different

Large-scale stainless steel water pipe manufacturers have large shipments, focus on brand reputation, and have a complete sales system, including management, marketing, and service. Various costs and expenses will be allocated higher. To buy stainless steel water pipes, we must choose manufacturers with strong overall production strength and good reputation, and we must consider factors such as pipe quality, price, and service. It cannot be absolutely denied that the stainless steel water pipes of small manufacturers are not produced in accordance with the standards, but the large manufacturers are stricter, require higher requirements and provide better services, so the price will generally be slightly more expensive.