Why choose shower room hardware accessories carefully

Update: 29-10-2020

The hardware fittings of the shower room seem small and […]

The hardware fittings of the shower room seem small and unremarkable, but they play an important role. If the shower room lacks any tiny hardware accessories, it is likely to affect the overall safety and service life of the stainless steel shower safety handle. Therefore, when purchasing a shower room, be sure to pay attention to whether the hardware accessories are fully installed.

Generally, the choice of shower room accessories mainly depends on handles, slide rails, wall clips, etc. Remember not to miss one. Although the hardware accessories are small, they have a great impact on the experience of the shower room. If your shower room does not have a handle, how do you open the door? If there is no sliding rail, how do you move?

(1) The handle is smooth and stable, and the handle should not be too angular but smooth and easy to handle. Two aspects should be considered in the purchase of the handle. One is the overall shape of the handle. In the decoration of the shower room, the quality and shape of the handle Can give people a sense of beauty. Another aspect is the material of the handle. At present, the handles on the market use stainless steel and space aluminum as the main materials.

(2) The sliding rail has good smoothness and good sealing. It is difficult to judge the pressure and weight resistance of wheels, wheel seats and rails with the naked eye, mainly whether the nesting between the pulley and the rail and the glass is good, the gap is small, and the sliding is smooth. General instructions The quality of the pulleys of marked stainless steel and high-grade synthetic materials will be better, and the wheel seats of the pulleys should be made of compression-resistant and heavy-duty materials, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The seal of the wheel seat is good, water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheel is guaranteed.