Why do factories all over the world use the principle of water sealing to prevent odor?

Update: 03-08-2020

Industrial anti-odor floor drain is an important interf […]

Industrial anti-odor floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage pipe system and the plant floor. As an important part of the factory drainage system, its performance directly affects the air quality of the plant and is very important  for the production operation of the stainless steel shower set factory. Now all factories have In the past, ordinary floor drains are eliminated, and the industrial odor-resistant floor drains that can solve the problem more are switched.

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A good industrial deodorant floor drain has the characteristics of strong drainage, strong deodorization, and strong anti-blocking.

Super drainage function is one of the biggest features of floor drains. In addition, anti-blocking is also a very important function. Because of poor drainage, many reasons are due to blocked pipes. If this kind of problem occurs, maintenance is also very laborious.

The effect of deodorization is the demand of consumers. No one wants a strange smell in their homes, and hopes that the workshops and workshops are clean.

Industrial anti-odor floor drains must have four properties: super drainage, super anti-blocking, super anti-odor, overtime anti-drying

The floor drain, as the name suggests, is to drain. The single function of the current floor drain can't keep up with the times.

The floor drain should not only leak quickly, but the most important thing is to prevent it from being blocked. Otherwise, if you have to clean it up, there will be endless troubles.