Why do public bathrooms need handrails?

Update: 14-03-2020

Handrails are not only a good tool for accessible acces […]

Handrails are not only a good tool for accessible access for the elderly or disabled. Anyone can easily lose balance in public toilets or even in private bathrooms where water can make it difficult for anyone to balance. Everyone will use it.
When considering the safety of public toilets or bathroom users, this can happen to anyone and everyone who visits public toilets without a completely friendly tiling system.

From seniors and disabled people to children and adults who have no problems, no matter what happens, if) water on the floor of public toilets, slippery tiles, and too much, anyone can easily lose balance.

In this case, safety grab bars did prove to be necessary for public baths or toilets. Whether it's getting people in balance to enter the bathroom, or helping them when they get up from the toilet and ask for help.

If you think a person may be out of balance and can easily stand up from the toilet or support themselves on the washbasin, then think again. These products are not designed to bear the weight of human beings, and if they eventually collapse, they can easily cause more damage.

The purpose of designing a safety grab bar is to keep in mind the weight that someone can bear when holding it to support it. That's why only the toilet armrest can do the work of other bathroom equipment.